Vickie Mattox Appointed Official Award

The 2024 Nebraska Planning Conference included award presentations to some very deserving individuals! We’ll be telling their stories one at a time, next up is Vickie Mattox from the City of Alliance.

Vickie was appointed to the City of Alliance Planning Commission in May 2012 and has been a dedicated member of the board since. She has shown leadership on the board by initiating and participating in discussion on agenda items regardless of how controversial or trivial they are. She can be counted on to make a motion or second a motion and remembers to include the findings of fact on which she based her decision.
Vickie does not let herself be bullied by angry or emotional testimony from the public or the other board members and keeps her composure. She believes the Board should be professional in their conduct and explains to the applicant the reasoning behind the boards actions without being condescending. She believes that the board should conduct business in a timely manner even coming to a meeting using a walker a few days after surgery to make sure there was a quorum to conduct business. Vickie has taken time off from work to attend planning and zoning training sessions and has grown to understand the role of the board in the administration of the comprehensive plan and the importance of It.
Congratulations, Vickie!