Nebraska Planning Handbook

The future quality of life in Nebraskaʼs communities and in the state overall is dependent upon how well the citizens of the state make decisions that will affect the future. Only through sound planning practice can the future quality of life in our communities and rural areas be ensured with any degree of certainty.

This Nebraska Planning Handbook is intended as a reference resource for use by citizens, elected officials, and professional planning practitioners in Nebraska to encourage and facilitate sound planning practices in the cities, towns, and counties of the state.

The Nebraska Planning Handbook is intended to provide citizen planners and professional planners in Nebraska easy-to-comprehend information concerning principles of community planning and the legal foundations of planning in the State of Nebraska. More specifically, the Handbook is geared primarily toward persons in Nebraska who serve as planning commissioners, members of boards of adjustment, elected officials in the nonmetropolitan communities and rural areas of the state, as well as others interested in the planning of their communities and counties. The goal of this reference resource is to facilitate informed citizen participation in planning issues pertinent to these communities and areas.

Download the Handbook Here

Nebraska Planning Handbook PDF (49.5 MB)

Updating the Nebraska Planning Handbook

The original handbook was finalized in March 2002. NPZA, along with the support of other organizations throughout the state, is working on an update to the handbook at this time. The status of the update process will be posted to this page periodically.