Notice of Elections for Nebraska Planning and Zoning Association

Notice is hereby given that 2018 is an election year for the Association. This year all of the elected Board Positions are being voted on. These include President, 1st Vice-president, and 2nd Vice-President. The nomination committee has discussed our recommendations for this election year and the recommendations are:

Chris Solberg AICP – President
Judy Clark – 1st Vice-president
Dan Giittinger – 2nd Vice-president

Please remember that each municipality or county membership counts as one vote. Individual members have one vote each.

Also, please be prepared to for the District meetings on Thursday. District representatives will be elected at these meetings.

The NPZA board adopted the NPZA Constitution and By-laws in May 2015.

  • NPZA Consitution and Bylaws Amendment approved in May 2015 .pdf or .docx

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