Planning Resources

Thanks much for visiting us! Here are a few of the sites around the web that we recommend.

National Planning Resources

American Planning Association

Planning Commissioner’s Journal

PCJ: Site Visits: Necessary But Tricky PDF

PCJ: Are Your Procedures Fair? PDF

PCJ: Behind the Scenes Advocacy PDF

PCJ: Come To Order Information PDF

PCJ: Taking a Closer Look: Ethics PDF

PCJ 2009 Brochure PDF

PCJ Publications PDF

Western Planner

Community ReDesigned

Nebraska Planning and Zoning Resources

Nebraska Planning Handbook PDF (49.5 MB)

Nebraska Chapter of the APA

Buffalo County, Nebraska

Cass County, Nebraska

Douglas County, Nebraska

Frontier County, Nebraska

Gage County, Nebraska

Grand Island, Nebraska Regional Planning Commission

Kearney County, Nebraska

Keith County, Nebraska

Knox County, Nebraska

City of Lincoln & Lancaster County, Nebraska

Madison County, Nebraska

Pierce County, Nebraska

Red Willow County, Nebraska

Friends in Nebraska

Heritage Nebraska:Main Street

Nebraska Association of County Officials

League of Nebraska Municipalities

Selected Chapters of the American Planning Association

California — Chapter of the APA

Cape Cod Commission

Colorado — Chapter of the APA

Florida — Chapter of the APA

Iowa — Chapter of the APA

Kentucky — Chapter of the APA

Massachusetts — Chapter of the APA

Michigan — Association of Planning

Minnesota — Planning Association Chapter of the APA
Pennsylvania — Planning Association Chapter of the APA

Nevada — Chapter of the APA

New Jersey — Organization of Planning Officials

North Carolina Planners — Chapter of the APA

Northern New England — Chapter of the APA

Texas — Chapter of the APA

Utah — UT Chapter of the APA

Vermont — Planners Association

Washington State — Chapter of the APA

Western Central Chapter — MT, ID, WY, SD, ND

Other Community Planning Sites

City of Belmont, North Carolina

Forsyth County, North Carolina

Montgomery County, Pennsylvania — Planning Commission

Regional Plan Association (NYC metro area)

Oregon — Univ. of Oregon Dept. of Planning, Public Policy & Management

Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (Nevada/California)

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