Mike Kabes and Russell Kumm win the Carol Swayne Award

The 2023 Nebraska Planning Conference included award presentations to some very deserving individuals! We’ll be telling their stories one at a time, next up are Mike Kabes and Russell Kumm, Planning Commissioners for Stanton County.

These two Planning Commission men have served at their posts for 23 and 24 years respectively.

They were both on the subcommittee to update the Stanton County Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Regulations. When the update was ready for approval in 2017 easements were being filed for a Wind Energy System in the County. The County Commissioners requested the Planning Commission to review the Wind Energy Regulation after receiving opposition to the Wind Energy System. After months of controversial testimony, the update was approved. During that time of intense opposition, they both conducted themselves in a very professional manner.

Mike and Russell have both regularly recommended new members to the Planning Commission to attend the Nebraska Planning Conference as they understand the educational value of the event.
Mike and Russell are both very dedicated, reliable, diligent workers with a great attitude. They are an asset to Stanton County.

Congratulations Mike Kabes and Russell Kumm!